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Who is Shuttle Tucson?  Shuttle Tucson has been in business since 2011.  Our founder has extensive experience with several key areas of the Tucson transportation industry that spans the last decade. While it is an unfortunate fact that typical transportation providers have a bad reputation when it comes to customer service and timeliness, one ride will show you that Shuttle Tucson is different.

Based in Tucson, Arizona, we began our journey to provide world class service to customers who want more than just a ride to a desitination. We were one of the first companies to develop a better way to pay our drivers while saving our guests money. Once the rest of the industry caught up, we again changed the way that rates were calculated in order to deliver a more accurate and cost-effective pricing model.

As we continued to raise the bar, we began the development of proprietary rate calculation, booking, and dispatching system that has yet to be effectively matched. Finally, we integrated safety tracking systems that ensure the safety of our valued guests and drivers while in our vehicles. In 2014, our commitment to delivering the best and most efficient guest experience continues with more enhancements coming every month.

Our growth as a Tucson shuttle provider continues because we remain focused on providing the best guest experience at all times. We love hearing from our guests and appreciate any feedback you have. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about what we’re all about.

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