A Mothers day gift Mom will not forget

//A Mothers day gift Mom will not forget

A Mothers day gift Mom will not forget

Did you know that Mothers Day is this weekend?

And we didn’t think you would want to forget something that important. So now the real question what should we get mom, the bringer of life, the knower of all knowledge, and of course the glue that makes everything in your family stick.

Well we could go with flowers and a card, but we do that every year. A necklance that says she’s “The Worlds Greatest Mom”.  Well maybe not, we aren’t in High School anymore.

Well if I may make a suggestion, why don’t you go visit and spend the weekend with her.  Hmmm, that’s not a bad idea.  First you’ll need to check to see how many frequent flyer miles you have.  Perfect, your flight is reserved you have your airline ticket printed, you’ve picked out what your going to wear, and you’ve googled to find the best local restaurant to take mom to.

Well I think you may be forgetting something. How are you going to get to the Tucson airport?  That’s ok I wouldn’t let you forget something as important as that.  Well let’s see you could drive, but then you would have to pay for parking.  And then even worse someone could hit your car, probably better to leave the car at home.  You could have a friend take you, but what friend of yours is really going to get up at 4:00am to take you to TIA and what if they are late. You definitely can’t leave that up to chance.  You could take a Taxi, but you know how taxi drivers are, you have to call 30 minutes in advance just to find out that they are going to be late.

Alright so here is the solution, you take a shuttle, and if you are going to take a shuttle there are different types to choose from.  I would recommend a door to door shuttle service such as ours.  But before you say those are expensive, check out these prices.

Welcome back, didn’t I tell you thats a great deal isn’t it. Well you got your toothbrush, you got your luggage, you have the tickets, and you know how your getting there.  One last thing.  Don’t forget to get the flowers because even though we do it every year, mom still loves getting them.

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