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Tucson Airport Shuttle Service

Tucson, AZ #1 airport shuttle servcie

A one of the perimere shuttle servcies in Tucson, Shuttle Tucson a division of Low Cost Rides. Low rate and excellent service we can get you to the airport on time and at a price that cheaper then you think. Take the hassle out of traveling by using our service.

Safe, Convenient and Economical Shuttle Tucson is the convenient option to airport traffic and parking madness. No lugging luggage or leaving your car parked in some dimly lit airport parking lot.

No stress from driving a rental car in a strange city.

Shuttle Tucson delivers you stress-free every time.

General Travel Tips

Remember that all US airports are under heightened security measures. All adult passengers will be required to show a picture ID to obtain boarding passes, and at the gate. Click Here to find out the latest information on Airport security. 

All air travelers to and from Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean, and Bermuda are required to have a passport.

When traveling for several days, especially on flights which require changing aircraft you may what to packing a few essentials in your carry on bag should you and your luggage get separated. Toiletries, a change of clothes, and certainly any medications you’ll need for your trip should stay within arms reach. On many smaller commuter aircraft, all luggage gets stowed, so if there are any items you want with you during the flight, keep them separate.

Smaller commuter planes tend to be louder in the cabin than the larger aircraft. A set of ear plugs can make a much more pleasant flight.

Carry on luggage restrictions may vary from carrier to carrier so by checking with them ahead of time can save some time in the terminal. Lots of different suggestions are out there for those folks who sometimes have problems with their ears “popping” during take off and landing altitude changes. Chewing gum, or other chewy candy is the old standby, and is available at virtually every airport you’ll pass through. Sipping bottled water works too, and lets you avoid calories.

Looking for something healthy to do during a layover? health clubs are now opened at several major airports. Fees range from $8 to $13.

Enjoy your flight.

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