Shuttle to Sasabe, AZ

//Shuttle to Sasabe, AZ

Shuttle to Sasabe, AZ

For the affordable rate of $[ratecalc start=”Sasabe, AZ” end=”Tucson International Airport, Tucson, AZ”]99[/ratecalc] per person you can visit Historic Sasabe, AZ in comfort and style.

Visiting Sasabe, AZ: What To Do

Sitting in southern Arizona, Sasabe, AZ just a few miles north of the Mexican border, this small town is truly off the beaten path. It is an unincorporated town west of Nogales on Highway 286. You will find that visiting this small border town is an interesting and memorable cultural experience that can enrich your life in many ways. In fact, you will want to spend several hours exploring all that it has to offer.

Rancho De La Osa
While visiting Sasabe, AZ, you will not want to miss your chance to explore the historic Rancho de la Osa guest ranch. Now a hotel that has hosted famous dignitaries like Lyndon B. Johnson and Franklin D. Roosevelt, as well as celebrities like John Wayne and Joan Crawford to name a few, Rancho de la Osa can trace its roots back to the seventeenth century when it was first used as an outpost for trading. It was given to some Mexican citizens in a land grant from the Spanish government, and then became part of the US under the Gadsden Purchase. You will find with a visit to Rancho de la Osa that you can explore the incredible history of the area and can also snap some great photos, too.

Baboquivari Peak Wilderness Area
You will also want to take some time to explore the natural beauty of the area, and in particular of the Baboquivari Peak Wilerness Area. This is designated wilderness area by the State of Arizona, and is rich in history. In fact, many believe that this destination was visited by Francisco de Coronado in his search for the Seven Cities of Gold. The area is also rich in Native American cultural history, and is ideal for hiking, back country rock climbing, and sightseeing, too.

El Sasabe, Mexico
Sasabe, AZ is widely known for its history and natural beauty in large part because of the above attractions, and yet it is most well known because of its border crossing station that provides access to El Sasabe, Mexico just a few miles down the road. Many who take the time to visit this lovely border town in Arizona will also cross into Mexico and enjoy exploring the Mexican history and cultural just down the road. El Sasabe, Mexico is perhaps most well known for its spectacular adobe architecture, so you will want to bring your camera along with you. While there, you can also enjoy shopping and an authentic Mexican meal or two at a local restaurant, too.

As you can see, there is much to see and do in scenic Sasabe, Arizona. This is an ideal destination for a unique day trip from a larger city, but you may find that you want to spend a few days here as well, staying in the historic Rancho de la Osa guest house overnight and enjoying exploring the history, culture, and natural beauty of the area for a longer period of time. Many who visit this border town with its off the beaten path location fall in love with its beauty and character, and you may just do the same when you visit.

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